About Kindergarten Truck

Kindergarten Truck is a public performance experience staged inside a box truck. Audiences briefly transport back to the magical world of childhood guided by playful actors. Structure and spontaneity intertwine as we access our imaginations, let down our guards, and have a grand ol’ time.

Brainchild of Andrew M. Gaines, Kindergarten Truck premiered at the Lost Horizon Night Market in New York City in 2012. Adapting the power of role-play in education and psychotherapy (drama therapy), the project aims to share the joy of collective creativity and help connect more people to each other--and themselves.

After two Night Markets (and one solo performance last year) Kindergarten Truck is heading out on a cross-country road tour this summer with Everyhere Logistics, joined by collaborators and friends, E. Jim Ford and Coco Conroy, along with other co-conspirators along the way.

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20010795184_dd2fa9e2ff_oFrom left to right: Mr. Drew, Crossing Guard Jim, Ms. Coco

Photo Credit: Tod Seelie




St. Louis




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Kindergarten Truck stimulates a wide range of reactions. On one extreme, some plunge deeply and instantly into a play-state. The polar opposite group is a bit…nonplussed….and they frequently occupy my […]

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